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A. Land and buildings
Total funding required for the project will depend on the related expenditure on fixed assets as well as providing sufficient working capital for the first three years of operation. It is intended that this amount shall be raised through charitable donations, government grants, gifts, trusts, tuition fees, services and sales. The project is planned so that construction is completed in stages depending on the availability of funds. For example, the establishment of the primary campus is given priority. Similarly, the school hall will be made available for community use.

B. Forecasts
i ) Short-term or initiation (Y2016/Y2017): The commencement phase. This phase will see the completion of the first school building, where primary school and some additional activities will begin. The cost of completion is approximately $2.2 million.
ii) Medium-term or propagation (Y2018/Y2020): Commencement of Kindergarten (KG) to Y6 classes, possibly in stages. The costs associated with starting the school and making use of the 10 acres of land for school facilities is an expected $1 million.
iii) Long-term (Y2020 onwards): Achievements in this stage will bear witness to the completion of the project and the establishment of all education levels and campuses. This could include a further six buildings on the site. An accurate timeline and budget will be provided closer to the appropriate time. As an estimation of costs, we require approximately $4-8 million for the construction of each of these buildings. The NSW and Commonwealth Governments provide funding each year to assist with the improvements of many schools. All efforts will be made to secure the maximum funding available from these grants. Further sources of incomes will be generously supplemented by our community in order to achieve quality outcomes.
Upon completion, this project will be valued at an estimated $100 million. Sikh Grammar School will be one of the premier educational, social and religious institutions in Australia, where families from local, interstate and international communities will feel proud to send their children. Our ultimate objective is to provide a superior school in which the quality of the young people attending and graduating is paramount – we believe the results will speak for themselves: a great school produces exceptional students.

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