Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

The Sikh Grammar School strives for excellence in education in a safe and caring environment, imparting moral and spiritual values through the Sikh way of life.

Our Vision

The founder of Sikhism, our reverend First Sikh Guru “Guru Nanak”, provided the following three cardinal principles to humanity:

i) KIRAT KARO: To lead an honest, pure and dedicated existence by exercising God-given skills, abilities, talents and hard labour for the benefit and improvement of the individual, their family and the community.

ii) NAAM JAPO: Refers to the meditation, vocal singing of hymns of the various names of God, especially the chanting of the word ‘Waheguru’, which means ‘Wonderful Lord’.

iii) VAND CHHAKO: To share what you have and to consume it together as a community. This could be wealth, food, etc.

The vision of this school is based on HIS teachings and will be conveyed as follows:

A. Beyond academic excellence
To create a passion for learning in our students that inspires them to work to the best of their ability with honesty, integrity and self-discipline. Every effort will be made to facilitate academic achievements that exceed the standards set by the NSW selective schools.

B. Beyond personal development
Nurturing all facets of personal development, to inspire students to undertake the path towards self-discovery by adopting the values of Sikhism.

C. Beyond selflessness
Inculcating spirituality to encourage students to share skills, knowledge and material wealth with those in need, with love and devotion without any discrimination.

D. Beyond physical fitness
Inspire students to challenge their physical fitness, as a sound mind can only exist in a sound body.

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