School Hostel Facilities

We regularly receive communications from parents living interstate or overseas, who would like their children to be educated in the Sikh way of life in Australia. Some of them send their children to other boarding schools overseas. Many families live in rural and regional areas, while others live in countries where Sikh population is small and there is no Sikh school. These parents will prefer their children to be educated in Australia, as the standard of schooling is much better in Australia.

Collectively, Australian education institutions are estimated to generate $3 billion a year due to the high quality level of education provided in this country. Students who attend our school will undoubtedly be successful in gaining admission into university courses in Australia.

We receive enquiries from families in India who currently have children enrolled in tertiary studies in Australia, saying they would rather send their children to complete their schooling in Australia and stay in hostel facilities among other Sikhs. The middle class population in India is estimated at 300 million – therefore, there is no dearth of people who can afford this option. The Sikh Grammar School will establish high-class hostel facilities to meet this demand and generate precious foreign exchange income for NSW and the Australian economy.

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