Sikhism in the School

The Sikh religion believes in one creator and acknowledges that HIS spirit or Divine Light prevails in all human beings. Accepting humanity as siblings of the same Divine Father, Sikhism strives to reach out to people of all faiths and cultures, and works towards world peace and achieving unity in diversity.

The real objective for establishing this educational institution is not only to teach the prescribed curriculum, but to develop the all-round personality of our youth so they become proud of their heritage and live the honourable Sikh way of life. Education and knowledge is treated like the third eye, through which an individual can see within and outside of one’s self. Our education aims to broaden the ‘wisdom horizon’ and a person’s development of spiritual tendencies. It aims to make a person wise, both academically and spiritually. This institution is to instil the sense of knowing the cardinal principles of Sikhism so that our youth can contribute meaningfully to the growth of society.

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