How will the Sikh Grammar School be different from any other school?

Excellent academic education of the highest standard equivalent to opportunity classes and selective schools will be provided by highly educated and experienced staff. Sikh Grammar School will adhere to Spiritual and God-fearing philosophy to protect the innocence of children and enhance their spiritual and intellectual development. School will also teach Sikh and Human Values, Spirituality, Naam Simran, Gurmukhi, Gurbani, Kirtan, Sikh History & Heritage of our Gurus and other great Sikhs, Gatka (Sikh martial art), Athletics & other games.

Who can I contact for this project?

Please click on “contact us” section to find details.

How can I volunteer for this project?

Please provide your details, including your availability, skills, experience and contact details in the “contact us” section. We will be in touch.

What classes will the school teach?

Classes will be planned from Kindergarten to Year 12 in due course.

If I do not reside in Sydney then how will I go to school?

A residential wing will be built for non-Sydney resident children.

How will I travel to school if I reside in Sydney?

Apart from public transport, special buses to pick up and drop children before and after school hours in due course.

How will I get updated on this project?

Our website will provide constant updates on news, events about this project. E-newsletters (to receive e-newsletter, please fill out the subscription form on the home page), local community newspapers in Australia, radio will also provide updates on this project.

Has land been proposed for building the school?

Yes, please see school information section.

How can one make a donation to contribute in the success for this project?

Please see the donations link on the home page. Currently donations can also be made via cheque payments to the postal address given in “contact us” button on our website, as well as Paypal and credit card.