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A Multicultural School for multicultural Australia

Sikh Grammar School will be based on the Sikh ethos. Sikh religion respects all regions of the world and also respects people of no religion. We will welcome students from all faiths, no faith, cultures and backgrounds. Our children are expected to live and thrive in a multicultural environment; therefore, it is only fair that they grow up alongside children from other cultures and faiths. In turn, this interaction allows our children to understand people from different backgrounds. As Sikh values are human values, all children will benefit.

Cultural Diversity

The school will develop a sister school relationship with other local, national and international schools belonging to a variety of cultures, faiths, ethnicities and languages. This educational and cultural exchange will help develop students’ understanding of cultural and religious integration, to help them succeed in the wider society.

Multicultural Values

Sikh values are founded on human values; to provide all-round development of a human being through spiritual and academic education while fostering empathy for humanity and helping those in need. This multicultural school, while supporting Sikh ethos, will integrate children from all communities and faiths into the school program. Cultural diversity and integration with other cultures and religions is our theme to facilitate social cohesion in our community.

School Management

The school is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). It is managed by the board.

The School Staff

We will be undertaking a careful search to secure high quality professional staff for our school. Our education consultants, the school principal, vice principal, business manager and other faculty staff will focus on finding the best people with the right blend of experience and cultural sensitivity. Consultants will be engaged to write up suitable, effective job descriptions. The school will be hiring experienced self-starters who enjoy the challenge of developing something ‘from scratch’, to create their own heritage and legacy for future generations to benefit from and admire. A person with the greatest ability in the subject matter will be employed irrespective of the fact that the person is a Sikh or not.

Teaching program

The school management team is familiar with the NSW education system and curriculum. We have consultants and educators on our rolls, who have a varied experience in establishing new schools, to help lay the foundation for balanced, developmental teaching and learning programs in accordance with the Australian curriculum. We are also liaising with entities of similar experience running other faith schools in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions. We are also learning from well-established Sikh faith schools in Canada, Europe and the USA.

We strive to achieve exceedingly high, consistent academic results in a quality educational environment, inculcating the highest moral and spiritual values into the life of each student. Academically, we will strive to better the results currently secured by NSW selective schools.

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