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Our Aims and Characteristics

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide students with the New South Wales Department of Education academic curriculum alongside Sikh cultural and religious practices, in a positive learning environment facilitated by fully accredited and trained faculty staff.

Our Distinctive Characteristics

  • A rigorous and challenging academic and religious curriculum

  • Build strong relationships between the faculty members and students

  • Provide clean, modern facilities with state-of-the-art technology

  • Student participation in missions and outreach programs

  • Having actively involved parents

  • Unique seniors program inculcating human values

  • A safe, supportive and sustainable environment


Key aspects of performance evaluation for this school will be:
  1. Engaging independent consultants to undertake periodical performance reviews of the senior management team, ensuring compliance with appropriate job and personality descriptions.

  2. Senior management will, through the principal, ensure that all staff are appropriate for their job and personality descriptions and are appraised against these periodically (in accordance with the appropriate professional standards for teachers).

  3. The school will employ appropriate educational consultants to review programs and all aspects of student care.

  4. All teaching staff will be fully qualified, registered teachers recruited on merit who meet their obligations as per the relevant employment arrangements.

  5. The school charter and policy documents will ensure that there is a strong and valid process for receiving and dealing with any complaints from the school community.

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