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Information Clips

Sikh Grammar School Australia recently shot some informative video clips covering the need for the school, its immediate and longer term plans, what will the school have, type of education and other state of the art facilities, a panel discussion by Sydney youth, funds raised so far and the financial position of the school in English and Punjabi. These clips will be released sequentially and are intended to fill the information vacuum that may exist in the community.

We are probably the first Sikh institution to simultaneously release these clips on five platforms: YouTube channelThis external link will open in a new window, Facebook, website, sent by email and also by whatsapp. Please take the opportunity to register your mobile and email on our homepage to receive these links regularly. In this series we have the pleasure to release a first clip today. In this clip we talk about the Sikh ethos and values to be embedded into the school

A Multicultural School

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