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Masterplan Introduction


Sikh Grammar School Australia (SGSA) is an independent coeducational school offering educational programs endorsed and approved by the relevant authorities both at State and Federal levels from Early Learning (childcare), Kindergarten and Year 1 to Year 12. The aim of the school is to provide its students with the best possible education in the best possible environment to achieve the best possible educational outcomes.

SGSA believes the journey to success requires dynamic community engagement supported by an organised vision with strong leadership. The philosophy is an inter-dependent student engagement promoting growth around values and morals. SGSA advocates that the Sikh principles of:

Eat together; Pray together; and perform Community Service together are the core philosophy in their teaching. religion and culture have been passed on from generation to generation using the same method.

This creates a timeless approach with a strong social binding and moral basis in which Sikhs engage in everything they do. To further these core values their community is deeply involved in the operations of the school including committees for all of its operations, administration and food preparation.




  • A place of learning

  • The doorway to the Guru

LangarCommunity Meals

Three Elements of Tradition 

SangatWorshiping Together

PangatEating Together

SewaVoluntary Service


CommunityPeople, Sangat

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