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Site and Context Analysis

Site Location

Located in Rouse Hill, beyond the current western fringe of suburban Sydney, the site for this project lies towards the end of the new Sydney Metro rail network, recently commissioned in June 2019. The main access road to the site, Tallawong Road, terminates approximately 750 meters away from the new Metro station.

Access to the site would predominantly be from Tallawong Road but the school will also be surrounded by secondary roads to the north and south.

The existing site comprises of Lot 42 and Lot 43. There is a single house located on the northern lot and a dam flanks both lots centred on the combined site. There are no substantial trees on the site and the only vegetation is grassland. There are no substantial ecological features to the site.


Infrastructure is rapidly being installed around the site as housing subdivisions proceed. A sewer has recently been constructed on the southern boundary. Stormwater has yet to be constructed downstream of the site and as such, temporary on-site detention is proposed along with a tail-out onto the lower western neighbouring lands.

Most other services are currently available along Tallawong Road.

The project will incorporate its own on-site, wastewater management / Sewage Treatment Plant, an upgraded electricity supply including a pad-mount substation, a hydrant booster with diesel pump to increase the pressure of the mains water supply for on-site Fire Hydrants and introduce a NBN fibre-to-the-premises service. The aim is to ensure that the school does not impinge on the local infrastructure, being effectively, self- sufficient.

Rainwater will be harvested on site for re-use as irrigation for the landscaped areas around the buildings. Stormwater will be managed on site with OSD tanks and bio-basins (rain gardens) incorporated into the landscape architect’s design and civil engineering works in association with flood management proposals.


The site offers a fully resolved response and fitting environment which aims to support the education of children through exploration, learning and play within a spacious, community-minded and culturally integrated, environment.

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