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All-round excellence

Once fully built, this school will have ultra-modern high-tech learning spaces. We will have state-of-the-art fully equipped modern classrooms with visual electronic boards and flexible movable walls to create 21st-century learning spaces. Our students will have the latest electronic gadgets that can dock to a range of settings as well as access to high-speed Wi-Fi so they can connect to the internet from anywhere in the premises. New collaborative technologies will include a touchscreen to modify and share documents, a telepresence for high-definition video conferencing and purpose-built project and design space, as well as a sanctuary space with a focus on health and wellbeing. Digital transformation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are some of the tools our students will be grounded in. Modern library, science labs and other provided infrastructure will develop overall personality of the students to prepare them for the jobs of the future that are yet to be created.


Academic excellence

We strive to achieve exceedingly high, consistent academic results in a quality educational environment, inculcating the highest moral and spiritual values into the life of each student. Academically, we will strive to better the results currently secured by NSW selective schools.


Sporting excellence

We will build extensive indoor and outdoor sporting facilities onsite. Our facilities include cricket practice pitches, multipurpose tennis/basketball courts, and modern grounds to play football, cricket and other games. We will strive to provide coaching and other facilities to increase the sporting prowess of our students so that they are selected in the club, state and national sporting teams.


Spiritual excellence

In order to develop all round personality of our pupils we will provide them with spiritual education, so that they have caring and sharing attitude and an inclination to serve humanity while earning their honest living in a God fearing way. Our site will house a Sikh Gurdwara where the school community will get spiritual enhancement.

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