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Funding plans and Finance Strategy

  1. The school will be funded through a variety of sources:

  2. Community donations are currently the main source of funding. It will continue to be a substantial source for a facility of this size and magnitude

  3. Tuition fees, facilities hire, services and sales

  4. Corporate and other sponsorships, naming and other rights will also provide funding

  5. Funds will also be borrowed to speed up the creation of facilities

  6. State and Commonwealth Governments will be approached to provide funding for this community owned project where all of the facilities will be available for community use

  7. Every dollar raised by the school, including from Gurdwara activities, will be invested for the benefit of our future generations.

Finance Strategy

A. Current financial position 
  1. Land purchase, DA and associated costs: The land was purchased at a cost of about $4 million. Expenses related to the purchase of this land, exploring other land options, selling and previous DA attempts , completion of SSDA (State Significant Development Application) on this land, expert and specialist reports, professional and technical advice, fundraising and promotional activities amounted to more than $2 million. Some funds have also been spent on maintenance of facilities, council and other expenses, marketing and promotional activities.

  2. We currently have a loan facility of $2million fully utilised.

B. Generation of income
  1. The Australian Commonwealth or State Governments do not provide any funding to non-government schools. These governments do provide yearly funding to run non-government schools once they are established. Therefore, our community is expected to raise enough funds to purchase land and build initial buildings for our school.

  2. School fees will remain as low as possible to encourage enrolments and provide an opportunity to access quality education. We will maintain a good balance of fair fee costs while retaining our ability to engage high-quality educators and professionals to maintain high educational standards.

  3. The NSW State Government reimburses some costs incurred by schools on per-student basis each year. The Sikh Grammar School should receive this funding.

  4. The Commonwealth Government provides lump-sum grants to private schools on a project-by-project basis. All efforts will be made to secure these funds for this project.

  5. Donations will be sought from the community, businesses and local, national and international charitable organisations, businesses and families.

  6. School facilities will be made available for hire to generate funds.

  7. Donations made to the on-site Gurdwara will be re-invested for the betterment of our future generations with this school.

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