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Further school information

The school will cater for primary school students (K-6) during the initial phase, eventually expanding to Years 7-12 classes. There will also be a childcare centre and before/after school care facilities. The onsite Gurdwara Sahib (the Sikh Temple), will help teach human and Sikh values to the students and the broader community. The school will build hostel facilities to cater to regional and overseas demand. A teacher-training college and facilities for seniors is also part of our vision for the future on a different site.

Our vision is to encourage, achieve and maintain academic excellence, personal development, selflessness and physical fitness. Distinctive characteristics of the school will include a rigorous and challenging academic and religious curriculum, strong relationships between the faculty and its students, modern facilities with state-of-the-art technology, student participation in missions and outreach programs, having active and involved parents, and a unique seniors program inculcating human values.

Initially, we will build semi-permanent buildings to start operations swiftly. Construction of permanent multi storey buildings will commence depending upon the availability of funds. The project is expected to generate employment opportunities for the local community; about 3280 positions during the construction phase, and about 120 positions after completion. Upon completion, the project will have an estimated value of AUD$250 million.

Admissions and fees

At this stage, Sikh Grammar School is expected to take enrolments in 2023. Expressions of interest will be invited during 2020 and complete information on how to enrol will be made available. We will also provide details of school fee. The school will keep the fee minimum and affordable. We will need to balance it in such a way that it does not compromise the school's ability to provide the highest possible level of facilities, education, sports facilities and Sikhi.

School will permanently feature the following facilities

  • Extensive classrooms equipped with fully interactive visual electronic boards

  • Air-conditioning throughout the building

  • Modern flexible classrooms with movable walls and stackable furniture

  • Fully-equipped school library and computer centre

  • WiFi and high-speed internet, LCD screens and an integrated network system

  • Teaching staff’s computer research, resources and preparation suite

  • Modern audio-visual centre

  • School clinic with on-site qualified medical support

  • Well-equipped indoor and outdoor play areas and creativity centres

  • Large recreation facilities spread far and wide

  • Parent/teacher confidential discussion facilities

  • Ultra-modern waiting room facilities for parents and visitors

  • State-of-the-art administration suites

  • Conference facilities*

  • Class rooms design able to be converted into auditorium like space

* All the facilities will be completed over time according to prioritisation and funding.

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